How this search works

With this search, we would like to help you find suitable facilities for you. In order to select the offers in your vicinity, we require the entry of a city, a postal code or the federal state. If your search query does not produce any direct results, you can also activate the proximity search and specify the distance at which the search is to be carried out. The hits are sorted in ascending order of the postal codes.

  • For the city, upper and lower case are irrelevant. If you make a mistake and enter "garmisch", for example, we will automatically find "Garmisch-Partenkirchen".
  • The postal code you type in must exist. For example, "10000" will not return a result because this zip code does not exist. Instead, try "Berlin" or a ZIP code you know, such as "10785".
  • A postal code under which there is no entry yet only leads to a result if it is combined with the radius search. For example, "10115" alone does not provide an address - because there is currently no facility with this ZIP code. However, with the radius search, you can find all facilities that are located within the selected radius of this zip code.

Was your search unsuccessful?

Perhaps you mistyped the city or the postal code - this can happen to anyone. Therefore, please check your entry! Or you have chosen a postal code that does not match any address so far and therefore has to be completed by the radius search.

How to search without entering a location

You have the possibility to search on your own via the menu items "Categories" and "Target groups". By making a selection here, you can search for facilities regardless of location and sort them according to your individual needs.

Too many results?

Eternally long address lists are confusing and frustrating! You can refine your search by filling in several search fields - and combining "state" with a "category", for example. You will then only find the results that are really important to you.

Quick search

You already know exactly what you are looking for? Then you will usually get to the desired result faster if you use the "Search terms" field.